DataLase Ltd is the leading provider of materials for laser coding and marking of products and packaging.

Our revolutionary materials can be used to create specialised ink solutions that enable the high-speed, in-line digital printing of variable information with lasers allowing late stage customisation.  

DataLase® proprietary technology can be used on outercase, product and primary packaging to print date and lot codes, 2-D data matrix codes, barcodes, images and graphics across a wide range of markets:

Ink Partners

DataLase® materials are incorporated into inks, coatings and varnishes and we work with the leading producers of inks and pigments for the product and packaging markets to deliver specialised solutions.

Laser Partners

The combination of the DataLase® solution with laser technology enables the marking of virtually any substrate. We work with the leading suppliers of industrial laser coding equipment to deliver high-speed, in-line printing solutions.