About us


DataLase Ltd. is the leading Inline Digital Printing company. Headquartered in Widnes, Cheshire, UK, DataLase works with a selection of market leading strategic partners across inks and coatings, substrates and brands to deliver revolutionary solutions for inline digital printing of products and packaging.

The mission of the company is to deliver innovative, cost effective, high speed inline digital printing solutions to brand owners that provide the enhanced quality, operational efficiency and real-time marketing capability to grow brand value and protect market share.

DataLase today has offices in the UK, North America and Japan and is seeing the development of its Inline Digital Printing technology for a range of market applications on a global basis.  The latest Variprint technology development delivers a new level of pack differentiation with promotions and key variable data messages being able to stand out from traditional coding and marking style graphics in mono-chrome colours.

Whilst coding and marking is still a core application for the technology, the future looks bright for DataLase delivering multi-colour highly effective, flexible coding and marking and inline digital printing capability to maximise brand owner and retailer real-time marketing effectiveness.




An exciting move in 2015 saw SATO, a leading Japanese headquartered global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations, invest in DataLase to drive sales and marketing of the revolutionary inline digital printing technologies developed by DataLase around the world.


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