How it works


The DataLase pigment technology is incorporated into a coating.  The printer converter applies the coating directly onto a substrate in a target area (a ‘patch’) via a conventional print process such as flexography, gravure, screen or lithography.


On the product’s packing or production line, the printed DataLase ‘patch’ is then exposed to a CO2 or Near Infrared (NIR) laser that is integrated inline.

The laser light generates a colour-change in the DataLase pigment creating a digital print of the required information.  This information is variable and can be altered for every product or pack.


The result is a high definition, premium quality print finish that enables inline late stage customisation of products and packaging for real time marketing capability.

How is it printed?

DataLase is incorporated into a wide range of water based, solvent based, oil-based, UV curable inks & coatings suitable for printing in flexographic, gravure, screen & lithographic printing techniques.


What types of lasers should be used with DataLase?

The DataLase team works with all the leading suppliers of industrial laser coding equipment globally to deliver high-speed, in-line, digital printing solutions for virtually any substrate.


What can be inline digitally printed?

  • High resolution graphics and logos
  • Date and lot codes
  • Sequential batch numbering
  • OCR & QR Codes
  • 2D Matrix Codes
  • Barcodes
  • Variable product information
  • Addresses

Where can DataLase be used?

  • Folding Cartons
  • Secondary packaging – corrugated cases
  • Closures
  • Labels
  • Magazine wraps and bags
  • Promotion, Discount and Rewards Cards



Bespoke printing at the point of packing and filling – take your messages to market faster.


Inline Digital Printing truly enables late stage differentiation to drive marketing effectiveness through 1-to-1 consumer interaction, personalisation and integrated promotion marketing e.g. graphics, logos, names, QR codes, barcodes.

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