The fundamental challenge in any packing operation is to postpone the labelling of product as long as possible in order to increase forecasting accuracy and minimise supply chain waste.

Avoiding pre-printing of label stock to enable real time accuracy to volume forecasts can become a reality with integration of the DataLase inline digital printing solution.

Over-forecasting of product promotions, seasonal demand or new product launches is a significant challenge for retailers, brand owners and suppliers, creating waste, errors and losses that reduce competitiveness and business profitability.

Today, the DataLase solution enables any requirements for real time information to be printed digitally inline, directly on to the label at the point of packing and filling, avoiding the requirement to forecast, pre-order, store and waste valuable product and label inventory.


 What can be printed?

  • Date and lot codes
  • Sequential batch numbering
  • OCR & QR Codes
  • 2D Matrix Codes
  • Barcodes
  • Best Before Dates
  • Automatic date, time, shift coding and real-time clock
  • Addresses
  • Variable product information
  • Logos, Graphics & Symbols
  • Adverts, promotions, special offers, competitions and much, much more….


Inline Digital Printing – The DataLase Advantage 





  • Eradicates inventory of unnecessary pre-printed labels freeing up working capital
  • Removes requirement for expensive short print runs
  • Enables flexible real time promotion of products on label to maximise sales and marketing impact
  • Minimises label waste at the point of packaging and filling
  • Produces high contrast, high quality, durable codes minimising errors and returns in the supply chain


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