Brand imperative: building loyalty with DataLase

Embracing today’s evolving connectivity in our everyday lives means packaging will become part of the modern household by connecting the virtual world with the physical, according to Chuck Pemble, Vice President Business Development, Americas at DataLase, a leading Inline Digital Print company.

Mr Pemble is a speaker at next month’s Digital Print for Packaging (DPP) US 2017 event in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference, organised by Smithers Pira, runs from June 7-8, 2017.

“I believe packaging is a fully interactive tool of consumer engagement” according to Mr Pemble. “From a basic premise of protecting and preserving goods, packs now provide new useful and valued services to consumers, allowing brands to integrate themselves further into their lives. By designing packaging that can interact with consumers via connected devices, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

On June 7 at 1.30pm, Mr Pemble will outline the DataLase vision of Inline Digital Print for packaging and its unique partnership with HAVI, a packaging, analytic, market analysis and supply chain management specialist company. This new partnership will develop on- demand point-of-sale printing solutions for the food services sector, enabling brands and retailers to expand their interaction and engagement with consumers through customized and personalized packaging.

Mr Pemble commented: “Our collaborative solution will allow brand owners to expand their ‘moment of truth’ with the consumer; bringing traditional large-scale marketing campaigns to a more personalized, one to one level, keeping the consumer engaged and connected with brands, and encouraging repeat business and impulse buying behavior.”

The DataLase Inline Digital Printing solution complements this considered approach by creating real-time marketing capability on a product or pack at the point of fill or use. High quality graphics, logos and variable data for targeted marketing is lasered on to a pre-printed or flood coated package.

DataLase works with a selection of market leading strategic partners across inks and coatings, substrates and laser manufacturers to deliver its innovative, cost-effective solutions for Inline Digital Printing of products and packaging.

Chuck Pemble, Vice President Business Development, Americas, will present ‘Real-Time Customization & Personalization at the point of consumer engagement’ on June 7, 1.30pm at DPP US 2017.

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