DataLase Certification Schemes

The DataLase Certification Scheme ensures that the entire supply chain follows best practice when offering DataLase based solutions

Designed to support third parties in the supply chain to understand how to achieve optimal results from DataLase technology, the DataLase Certification Scheme helps deliver:

  • Consistently high quality print
  • Robust quality control processes
  • Minimised supply chain waste
  • Optimised productivity
  • Reduced costs

The DataLase Certification Scheme is available to printers/converters, coatings manufacturers and laser suppliers. Certification will provide high levels of assurance to end users of DataLase based solutions in terms of quality control and waste reduction.

The aim is to significantly reduce the potential for product recall and rework as a result of poor quality shipping information and codes entering the supply chain.

Please contact us if you think your DataLase based application or service would benefit from the DataLase Certification Scheme.

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